First Blog Post – Second Blog


Ok, this is my first post on my new blog, I had another blog (Debbies Internet Space – hellooo to anyone who used to follow) & after not writing a post for a month (I know, naughty Debbie!), I went to log back in and start writing again…..BUT, I don’t know if it’s something I did, but it wouldn’t let me log in and advised my webpage was no longer available – everything had gone! After trying for most of the morning, I have given up and started a new blog! So I’m back, with a slightly different design….

My old blog was mainly centered on Disney, and this one will be too! (I’m going back to Walt Disney World in October and wanted somewhere to document my travels and prep before)…but as it is my little space on the internet, I wanted to write about more of things I love, so I will be adding travel, more lifestyle & a liiiiittle bit of make-up.

I’m hoping this blog will be as successful as last time, it was only teeny tiny – but I met and chatted with some really lovely people.


Debbie xx


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