Sorrento, Italy

One of my other loves (apart from Disney) is Italy, I try to visit at least once a year. One of my all time favourite destinations is Sorrento. I was lucky enough to visit for my Honeymoon & it just made my time there even more magical.

Sorrento, is a beautiful town that over looks the bay of Naples in Southern Italy.


We were lucky enough to stay at The Bristol Hotel (and I can’t praise this Hotel enough!) & even luckier with the views we got to wake up to every single morning (Mount Vesuvius, was there to great us):


Sorrento for me, is the place I left my heart & the place I can’t wait to return too! (May 2019!). It has the most amazing scenery, friendliest people, incredible food and fantastic views.

Whilst we were in Sorrento, we spent most of time just walking around the town (with an ice cream / Gelato – which is to die for by the way! Hazlenut, was my absolute favourite.), just taking everything in and people watching.

The town itself has some really lovely shops & you can spend hours just going from one to the other, with each one having something different inside. You can also get a sample of Lemoncello – which if you going, you have to try! :).

We spent a day visiting Herculaneum & Pompeii & it was fascinating to walk around and see buildings how they would have been. (but more of that in separate post to follow…).

We honestly had the most incredible week in Sorrento & I cannot wait to return!


I am going to try to do monthly posts on the places I have managed to visit in Italy, so stay tuned ;).

Have you ever visited Italy? What was your favourite destination? Thing to do?


Debbie xx



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