Beauty & The Beast – Live Action Movie Review.


The wait was finally over, last night I saw the live action Beauty and the Beast Movie. I was one of those people who booked and reserved their seat to see the movie, back in January when tickets were released.

Was it every thing I wanted it to be? Yes & actually better. The casting for the characters was spot on in my option. Belle was a little bit more feisty, Gaston was even more of a baddie 😮 & the beast was just perfect. They kept to the story really well, and also added a few new scenes to keep it a little fresh.

My favourite parts of the movie had to be the Be our Guest scene (and my hubby agreed on this too), Beasts transformation scene was very impressive & THE dance scene, it didn’t make me tear up, honest….!

The only bad thing I can really say is in some scenes where there is singing, well ouch! Especially a part in the ‘Belle’ song….

Was it as good as the original? Please don’t go mad, but I didn’t think it was & perhaps it was never going to be for me, the original was the one I grew up with and the one I would play over and over and over again (sorry mum) and the one I hold many memories too! But, it was still an amazing movie and I really really really enjoyed it :).

What is everyone else thoughts on the movie?


Debbie xx


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