My Top 5 MAC Lipsticks.


I thought I would do a post on my top 5 MAC lipsticks :).

MAC lipsticks are actually one of my makeup weaknesses – If I ever visit a shop, or do an online shop (or duty free!!), a lipstick will somehow make its way into my trolley.

This is my current top 5 – you can see from this I am currently going through a plum / nude stage….

  1. Liptensity Lipstick in Driftwood.

This is the newest of my MAC lipsticks. It is a soft lilac beige colour, making it very very natural. I love it! The new formula is very pigmented and slightly glossy.  To top it off, it wears really well throughout the day & the best part for me is they feel moisturising.


  1. Plumful.

The name really gives this away – it is a lovely plum colour (more pinky-plum) & one of the lipsticks that everyone seems to compliment me on. It is a lustre lipstick which is semi-sheer, but does have nice build-able coverage. This is my favourite formula, as it feels creamy on the lips.


  1. Capricious.

This is another Plum colour (told you!) It comes off a lot darker than plumful and more true to a plum shade. I love how I can wear this one in the day with one swipe – but to make it more of an evening look, apply it with some lipliner. Perfect! I actually wore this lipstick to my Christmas party last year & a few of the girls from work had to go out and buy it after. This is again a Lustre lipstick.


  1. Brave.

My go to day time lipstick – I have already gone through one of these and this is my second. This is a lovely pink-mauve colour. It is a satin finish, which means it is less glossy and more matte like. I find this lasts longer on my lips too – result!


  1. Velvet Teddy.

I know the hype for this one has dyed down now, but I still find myself reaching for this lipstick – mainly on a night out when I go full smokey eyed & don’t want a bright lipstick. It’s a beige matte shade (but doesn’t dry my lips out) – so stays on my lips all night and I only have to reapply once.


And there is my Top 5 MAC lipsticks – what are your favourite lipsticks / shades? I am always on the look out for new lippies :).


Debbie xx


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